Teacher Support




Teacher Guides: These are are two-three page documents that outline the basics of presenting each section of the curriculum. Every section presented in the curriculum has a Teacher Guide that corresponds to it.  The Teacher Guide include implementation information on Student Actions, Teacher Actions, and how to assess for learning. It also includes information on both planning and preparation which will provide teachers with NGSS alignment, vocabulary, grading opportunities, key concepts, materials needed for the class, and actions items that need to be completed prior to the start of the section/lesson.  The teacher guides are linked in the teacher downloads at the top of the teacher edition for each section. 

Annotated Student Edition: The Annotated Student Edition provides the teachers a copy of the student edition that contains teacher tips and hints for facilitating each section.  Along with text the Annotated Student Edition provides the teacher guided technical (practical) and pedagogical information on how to implement the SLIDER curriculum. Additionally, the ASE provides sample data tables for SLIDER investigations and sample answers and prompts for classroom discussions.  The annotated notes are written in blue italics.  The Annotated Student Edition is listed as the Teacher Edition for each curricular section.  

Video Tutorials: There are video tutorials embedded in each section to provide more in-depth support as you implement the SLIDER Curriculum. There is a video overview for each section linked at the top of the teacher edition. Additionally, there may be videos within the curriculum to provide guidance on LEGO Builds, Inquiry Skills, Content Review, Argumentation etc.  Whenever there is a video tutorial to accompany the student text, there will be a blue video icon located in the Annotated Student Edition.  The video will be directly linked from that icon.